The Unicorn Program is here


Our Unicorn Program is a project created for startups, VCs and all other types of innovative organisations looking for a way to boost their growth.

The Unicorn Program membership creates new opportunities. We provide access to our experts' knowledge and time. We help you understand what's coming next.

It is also an opportunity to network with owners and founders of businesses like yours. 


Unicorn Program by Avalon Solutions

The Network

In business, relationships matter. Many young entrepreneurs and business owners may have a limited network.

A membership in the Unicorn Program allows all members to grown their connections, build relationships at our meetings, and use our own network of contacts to make the next step.



Our team of consultants is ready to talk about your challenges and advise on innovative solutions that boost your growth.

We worked with all kinds of organisations and projects. This accumulated experience and knowledge is something that can be a critical addition to build your strategy. We can advise you on the funding, picking the right tools and building a digital strategy.



We believe in offering a complete portfolio of products and services.

That's why we have a team of certified engineers, change and project managers as well as experienced consultants, to provide services that you can't move forward without.


Driving innovation

Organisations big and small see the benefits of applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to their daily operations.

We can help you evaluate your needs for these solutions as well as present use cases for your business. We will create and execute a Proof of Concept adjusted to your needs.

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The Unicorn Bundle

Avalon’s experts combined premium solutions for work, communication, and collaboration as well as a CRM and a digital signature tool from an industry leader.

We selected powerful hardware, added a special offer on tech support, and wrapped it in a special price to create an all-in-one bundle for a modern organisation.


Our solutions

What tools unlock the potential of your teams, which products simplify your life and help you focus on your business?

Our Unicorn Bundle includes SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and hardware.  

We're a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we're also a partner of Salesforce, Okta, Copper, Happeo among others.

About us

Avalon’s mission is to innovate the digital workplace.

We strongly believe that there’s only one way to do it and that is by moving to the cloud. We partner with the most innovate partners in the world, ensuring that you have everything you need to work the way you want to. SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. And hardware.

Like innovation, our work never stops. Our team works continuously to help our customers define their cloud strategies and transform their organizations through IT.

Whether it’s a roadmap for your company's cloud strategy, or reshaping your company's collaboration platforms, we are here to guide your organization’s journey to the cloud.

We are a part of the Devoteam group.

Our offices

Sweden - Norway - Denmark - Poland - Germany - Singapore - Indonesia

Application process

Once you fill out the form we will review the application and Avalon's local team will contact you to schedule a meeting.

Our Partners



Selected Customers

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Throughout the years we worked with many startups. Great ideas (often revolutionary), passionate people, lots of work and often not enough time and money. That's what made a lot of startups fail.

Our Unicorn Program was built on this experience. To startups and VCs we offer advisory, consulting, as well as an opportunity to network with the right people. We offer first hand knowledge on what's coming next and how to create a fool proof strategy. Our Unicorn Bundle is a package of great solutions at even better prices. 

We're giving our Unicorn Program members the tools to succeed.

Jimmy Jigmo

Area Director (Asia), Avalon by Devoteam

Jimmy Jigmo

What does it cost?


The Unicorn Program membership is free. For the Program members the advisory and consulting we provide is also free of charge. 

If you decide that we have the tools or services you need, we will create a customised offer that includes special discounts.